On-line case review for multi-disciplinary teams.

PACSMail eMDT allows teams of clinicians to share patient notes and associated diagnostic information on-line and enables the real-time collection and dissemination of clinical comments through the use of an innovative and secure 'Case Blog'. It is simple to set up and administer, enabling you to create and begin working with your eMDT network today and to extend this to new members as needed.

The screenshots below show how your comments are collected and shared with other members of your team.

eMDT Case Blog

My Cases

View/Add Comment

View/Close Case

If you have eMDT Chair status (set by admin), you will also have access to the Close Blog function, allowing you to post your Chair's comment and then close the case. Once closed, further comments will not be possible.

The final Chair's comment is then sent back as a Case Report to the referring clinician. Other member comments are retained for audit purposes but are not included in the Case Report.

Completed Case

All comments are now recorded in the case blog, which is now accessible for review as required.


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