PACSMail Archive & Mailbox Help

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 First Log On

How do I log onto my PACSMail Archive and Mailbox?

To access your PACSMail Cloud Mailbox and Archive you will need to log onto the PACSMail Cloud website with your username and password PLUS your secondary password. The secondary password is NOT the same as your PACSMail account password.

The first time you logon you will need to request a new secondary password. to do this log onto the PACSMail website with your username and password. Then click the link to Email New Password and you will be sent a secondary password. Then use this to log-in to the PACSMail Cloud website.

The Mailbox and Archive are found under the Case Management menu item on the User Menu.


Forgotten Your Secondary Password?

How do I get a new secondary password for my PACSMail Archive?

If you have forgotten your secondary password, all you need to do is log onto the PACSMail website and go to Case Management on the User menu. Then click the link to Email New Password and you will be sent a replacement secondary password. You can then change this to something easier to remember once you've logged on.


PACSMail applications (Mac, iPad, Windows)?

Can I download my PACSMail Archive files with any PACSMail application?

Yes you can. The PACSMail Archive files sent to your mailbox can be downloaded with PACSMail for Windows or Mac or iPad.


Display Screen Recommendations

What are the display screen recommendations for viewing PACSMail Cloud images?

The Cloud Dicom image viewer software is fully accredited for diagnostic use (FDA/CE).

In terms of the hardware used, we state in our terms and conditions that it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that this is of adequate quality. There are two Royal College of Radiology (RCR) documents to give guidance depending on the situation concerned. Where a significant workload is to be undertaken the hardware recommended is not dissimilar to that used in the radiology reporting room. However the RCR do recognise that laptops have been widely used for low volume on-call emergency reporting.
Please login to PACSMail Cloud and go to User Menu --> Downloads --> General Documentation and in order to obatin copies of:
  • RCR PACS and Guidelines on Diagnostic Display Devices
  • RCR Sustainable Future for Diagnostic Radiology - Flexible Home Working


Searching my PACSMail Archive

What are the options for searching my PACSMail Cloud Archive?

The current options are to show all patients for last 7 or 14 days or you can search for a particular patient by name. Further advanced Search options will be available in future versions of the PACSMail Archive.


Downloading Files from PACSMail Archive

How do I copy files from the PACSMail Archive into a PACSMail application?

Once you have found the patient you want then click the View link and this will list the files available for that patient. Click 'Copy to Mailbox' next to each file that you want. A message will appear below to let you know the file has been copied to your mailbox.

In your PACSMail application you can download the files into your Working folder to view.


Accessing Other Users PACSMail Archive

How do I access other users PACSMail Archive?

If you have role access to another user's PACSMail Archive this will be shown under Manage Archive -> Role Access. The content of the other PACSMail Archives will show up when you Search or view Last 7 or 14 Days.



Your PACSMail Archive will keep an online copy or archive of all PACSMail files sent to and from your PACSMail account. Your PACSMail Archive will have a size limit associated with it and as it reaches its capacity you will be notified about this.

Viewing Data

One way to view the files in your PACSMail Archive is to copy them to your PACSMail account mailbox and download them into a Windows, Mac or iPad PACSMail application for viewing. An online viewing option is also available (from June 2015) please contact us for further details. 

Using PACSMail Archive

You access your PACSMail Archive from the PACSMail website and copy the required files into your PACSMail mailbox ready for download. You can do this as many times as you like and there’s no charge for doing this or downloading.

Accessing PACSMail Archive

Log on to the PACSMail website with your username and password and on the User Menu you will see a link to Case Management.


Online Viewing

This is available from June 2015 (set-up required). Please contact us for details.


Ordering a PACSMail Archive

Log onto the PACSMail website and on the user menu choose PACSMail Store to see PACSMail Archive items to buy. Choose an item, Checkout and Submit your order. You will be invoiced for the PACSMail Archive and your PACSMail Archive becomes active from this point. Alternatively please contact us.

Note: Before ordering you will need to be a full PACSMail account holder. This means that you will have registered for a PACSMail account and been invoiced for your annual license fee.


Managing Data

Delete All

This allows you to manually delete all data from your PACSMail Archive.

Delete Older Than

This allows you to manually delete all data older than a certain number of days/weeks/months from your PACSMail Archive.

Set Always Delete (Automatic)

This allows you to configure an automatic delete of all data older than a certain number of days/weeks/months. The data is auto deleted at midnight every day. This cannot be undone and data cannot be restored after an auto delete.

First In First Out (FIFO)

This is an automated Archive file manager, which will automatically start to delete old data from your PACSMail Cloud Archive to allow new files to be stored when the limit of the Archive is reached. So your Archive will always be full of your most recent files.


Technical Support

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you - let us have a phone number to call you back if it's urgent.

Alternatively please call the Sybermedica office on 01223 421996 and ask for Technical Support.


User Guide

Is there a user guide available?

Please logon to the PACSMail website and go to User Menu -> Downloads -> General Documentation.

If you are logged on right now then please click here.



How do I forward files with PACSMail Cloud?

Locate the file in your Archive or Mailbox and click Forward then choose where to send the file to from your drop-down list of PACSMail Connections. Click Submit.

NOTE - at the moment only 1 file can be forwarded to 1 account in a single transaction.



How do I anonymise images with PACSMail Cloud?

Click Anonymise on the Actions menu of the study. Complete the fields on the form as required and Submit. Click here for options and to view the Quick Guide

NOTE - at the moment only 1 file can be anonymised and sent to 1 account in a single transaction.