Account Management Help (formerly My Account)

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My Details

What is my PACSMail address?

Your PACSMail address is the same as your PACSMail username, which you use to log into the PACSMail website and the PACSMail client. Never disclose your password as this is NOT required by anyone else in order to send you a file via PACSMail or for administration purposes.

Forgotten my primary password - what do I do?

Go to the Login page and click on the Forgot Login? link. You'll need to know the username and email address associated with the account. A new password will be emailed to you. Once you receive this then log on to the website and change your password to something personal (see below for details on how to do that).

How do I change my primary password?

Log onto the PACSMail website, go to Account Manager and click the Change Primary Password link. Type in your current and new password twice (to confirm). Then click the Change Primary Password button. When you next log into the website or the PACSMail client application you will need to use your new password.

Forgotten my username and primary password - what do I do?

Go to Forgot Login? if you know which email address you used to register you can request your username be sent to you.  Once you have your username and email address then you can request a new primary password.

How can I change my PACSMail username?

This is not something that you can do.  It has to be done by a PACSMail Administrator. Please contact Sybermedica.


Email Notifications

How can I change my email address for notifications?

We use the email address under your Account Details for email notifications unless an alternative is specified in My Notifications.

Log onto the PACSMail website, go to User Menu -> Account Management -> Update Profile. Click on the My Notifications tab and type in the email address you want to use for notifications. Click the Update button at the bottom and changes take effect immediately.

Why aren't I getting my email notifications?

They are probably being put into your email spam or junk folder or they may not be getting as far as that and being classified as spam by your mail server. Suggest that you try and unblock the spam setting locally if you can on emails from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or you may need to contact your local IT people to resolve this.

If you are unable to resolve this then please try using an alternative email address for email notifications.

Can I have email notifications sent to more than one email address?

Yes - you can add multiple email addresses to My Notifications tab separated by a comma under Update Profile.



I have registered on-line but not received any confirmation email.

The email may have been lost or blocked - please contact Sybermedica Support letting us know your registration details - name, username and email address - do not send any passwords - and we can approve your registration for you.


PACSMail Directory

How can I edit what it says about me in the PACSMail Directory?

Log onto the PACSMail website, go to User Menu -> Account Management -> Update Profile. Edit the information on the Details tab and click the Update button at the bottom to save. Changes take effect immediately.

How can I remove/add my name to the PACSMail Directory?

Log onto the PACSMail website, go to User Menu -> Account Management -> Update Profile. On the Details tab next to Publish Profile select either Yes or No and click Update to save. Changes take effect immediately.

Why can't I see PACSMail addresses in the PACSMail Directory?

PACSMail addresses are not published in the directory. You need to request a connection with the individual in the community directory or contact them directly to request this information. Once you have made a connection with someone then their PACSMail address will automatically be added to your address book.

How do I make contact with other PACSMail users in the directory?

If you want to contact a fellow PACSMail user click on their name in the directory and then on the link to Request Connection.

Why aren't I listed in the PACSMail Directory?

You have to be a full account holder and have checked the Yes box next to Publish Profile to appear in the directory. If you have a trial account or have only just registered then your name won't be in there - yet. To order your full PACSMail account please contact Sybermedica or order in the on-line store. You will then be able to publish your name in the directory - see above for details on removing/adding your name to the directory.

Where is the PACSMail Directory?

Click PACSMail Community -> Community Directories link on the website.


Online Store

If you are a full account holder then you can order credit in the online store and we will add the credit immediately to your account and you will receive an invoice from us. To access the online store log on to the website and go to User Menu -> Account Management -> PACSMail Store.

Click here for more details

You can also access the on-line store via the My PACSMail button in the latest PACSMail Windows application.


My Account

Log on to the PACSMail website and on the User Menu you will see a link to Account MAnagement. The following can be viewed from My Account:
  • account expiry date

  • tariff type

  • automated top-up details (if applicable)

  • profile (including PACSMail Directory profile)

  • online PACSMail Store

  • all invoices for your account under Orders

  • statements


How do I get my statements?

Your PACSMail account monthly statements can be accessed at any time on the PACSMail website. They will not be emailed to you. Please log on to the PACSMail website click on Account Management and click on Statements.

NOTE you will need your secondary password to view the statements.

Account Renewal

How do I know when my PACSMail account expires?

Log on to the PACSMail website and click Account Management on the User Menu - your account expiry date will be shown.

How do I renew my PACSMail account?

You will automatically be invoiced for renewal of your annual license fee 30 days prior to the expiry of your account. You will either be invoiced directly or the organisation that pays for your PACSMail account will be invoiced.



How do I check how much credit I have on my account?

In the PACSMail client application click Send/Get - the PACSMail Communicator window opens. After connecting to the server your credit balance is displayed in the bottom right corner.

Log on to the website and go to Account Management on the User Menu - you will see your balance.

How can I order more credit?

You can let us know by telephone or email how much credit you'd like added (minimum is £200 + vat) and to which PACSMail account/address. We will add the credit to your account and you will receive an invoice from us.

You can also purchase credit using the online store: click here for more details

Why would I need credit on my account?

You need credit on your account if you want to import files into PACSMail and/or to send or forward image studies to other PACSMail users. You do not need credit on your account to download files sent to you by other PACSMail users and to send reports back.

What is an automated top-up?  How do I set one up?

An automated top-up is an automatic way of adding credit to your account when you are running out. The agreed amount of credit is added without you needing to do anything and you are invoiced for the added credit automatically.

This has to be set up by PACSMail Administration so please contact Sybermedica to arrange.

Have I got an automated top-up?

Log on to the website and click on Account Management on the User Menu. If you have an automated top-up in place it will say "Set to add £200" or it will say "Not using auto top up".


Paying an Invoice

How can I pay my invoice?

To help reduce the excessive charges that are now being made by banks for issuing and paying in paper cheques, we ask that, where possible, invoices be paid by BACS or direct transfer. The information for BACS or direct transfer is on the bottom of the invoice. Please ensure that you quote our invoice number with your payment or send us remittance advice.