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NOTE 30-SEP-15: PACSMail Services have been verified as running under Windows 10.
Please contact us if you are having problems.

Installing PACSMail Services

How do I install the PACSMail Services Application?

You must be a PC administrator. The PACSMail Services installer is not available to all users on the PACSMail website downloads page - you will need to be added to the PACSMail Services user group by Sybermedica administrators. Please contact us to request this.

What do I do next?

Once installed then run the applicaiton. (NOTE - if you are installing under Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 then you will need to run the installer as an administrator - by right clicking on the application shortcut and choosing 'Run As Administrator'.)

Then select and install/configure the services that you require.


What's in PACSMail Services?

The PACSMail Services includes a suite of PC system services related to automatic processing of PACSMail files.

  • Services that listen and receive Dicom files from workstations then generate and send PACSMail files. [DicomListen and DicomProcess]
  • Services that receive PACSMail files and unpack the Dicom images from them and push them to your PACS. [DicomExtract and DicomPush]
  • Service that retrieve files from your PACSMail mailbox for Extact & Push and sends files from your account after Listen & Process. [SendGet]
  • Service that shows a status of all files incoming and outgoing published as a webpage. [Status]

You can configure the various services individually to suit your requirements. Details of the available services and their configuration can be found in the PACSMail Services Admin Guide.


Installing Service Problem

Trying to install individual service and getting errors?

The service may have already been installed – check in Computer Manager for ‘PACSMailAuto..…Services’.

If you have just uninstalled the service and are trying to reinstall it then you may need to restart the PACSMail Services Application first.

NOTE - If you are using Windows 7/Server 2008 make sure that you have run the PACSMail Services application 'as administrator'.


One of the Services won't Start

Trying to start a service and getting errors?

Make sure you have installed each of the services as you can’t start until you have installed. Try restarting the PACSMail Services application. Restart the PC if you’re unable to stop/start the service.

NOTE - If you are using Windows Vista/7/Server 2008 make sure that you have run the PACSMail Services application 'as administrator'.


Dicom Listen Service

The service is unable to listen on the port specified?

This will be flagged in the log file for this service. The port can be changed if the default port is in use by something else. From the command prompt “netstat -ano” will list ports in use on the computer. When the Listen Service is not running check ports in use.


Dicom Extract Service

This service has no configuration requirements and will run with default settings without any problems.


Dicom Push Service

The images are not appearing on my PACS?

You need to check that the properties of this service have been entered correctly: CalledAE (AET given to PACSMail Services), CallingAE (AET of PACS), Host (IP address of PACS) and port (the PACS is listening on this port). NOTE - the AET is case sensitive. You will be prompted to restart the service if you make any changes to the the properties.

Check that ping and Dicom Verify are working ok from the PACS. There maybe a firewall issue preventing connection.


Dicom Process Service

This service has no configuration requirements and will run with default settings without any problems.


Send Get Service

The service is not connecting?

This will show up in the logs and on the status page. It's usually a firewall issue that prevents this service from running correctly.


Web Status Service

What is the URL/address for the status page?

The URL for the status webpage will be http:\\localhost:80 by default. The port number used can be changed if port 80 is not available. Check in the log file of the Status service and if you see 'Listening on port 80' then all is fine. If you see 'Unable to listen on port 80' then try changing the port. You will be prompted to restart the service if you make any changes to the the properties.

What are INCOMING and OUTGOING referring to on the webpage?

Click INCOMING for PACSMail files that have been sent to your PACSMail account and have been downloaded, unpacked and the Dicom files are being pushed to your PACS.

Click OUTGOING for Dicom images that have been received from your workstations and processed into PACSMail files that are going to be sent to other PACSMail user accounts.

The status page is not updating?

You need to manually click Refresh on your web browser page to update. Check the date/time stamp in the top left corner of the webpage to see when the page was last refreshed.


Technical Support

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you - let us have a phone number to call you back if it's urgent. Alternatively during office hours please call the Sybermedica office on 01223 421996 and ask for Technical Support.