PACSMail Cloud eMDT: Quick Guide

Setting up your PACSMail Cloud eMDT

An eMDT is a means of sharing and commenting on cases on-line by a group of PACSMail Users.

Each member of a given eMDT will need to be registered with a PACSMail account and you also need one additional account to act as the central eMDT case archive.

Once you have these in place, you need to contact us to set up the required user permissions. For this we need the username of the central eMDT case account (for example mskemdt) and also the usernames and roles of the participants. An eMDT Member can review and comment on a case, the eMDT Chair can both comment on and close a case.

Sending a New Case to the eMDT

To send a case to your eMDT, the sender will need to know the PACSMail address of the eMDT account (e.g.mskemdt). They can then send cases to your eMDT in the normal way using either their PACSMail App for Windows, or by using the Cloud Case Uploader pages which is available on this web-site. You can also send cases to your eMDT directly from your scanner or PACS using PACSMail services.

Once the case has been uploaded your eMDT group participants will be notified by email that a new case is waiting for review.

Viewing and Commenting on eMDT Cases

To access a new eMDT case you can either click on the link provided in your email or you can access tthis from your Cloud log-in user menu (My eMDT's). This will open the eMDT Portal (see below) where you will see a list of the eMDT Groups of which you are a member. Click on the relevant link(s) to open a case for review.

Once your case is open you can then use the 'View Case Data' button to review the images and other data in the case and then the  'Add Comment' button to make your contribution to the conversation.


Sending eMDT reports to the Referring Clinician or Imaging Centre

Once Member comments have been received, the Case Chair may add a case summary comment prior to closing the case.

This is then automatically returned as a report to the sender of the case.

Where your eMDT is lnked to a RIS/PACS or EPR this report can then be appended to the patient record.

Note: eMDT Member comments are only recorded within the Case Blog and are not made available to the referring clinician.