PACSMail Case Uploader Help

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Accessing Uploader

How do I access PACSMail Case Uploader?

Log on to the PACSMail Cloud website with your username and password there is a link on the Case Management menu to the Case Uploader.

Can anyone use the PACSMail Case Uploader?
  • You must have a full PACSMail account.
  • Your PACSMail account must be in credit as there is a charge for uploading PACSMail cases via the uploader. If you do not have enough credit then you will be informed and a link will be shown to buy credit for your account.


Allowed File Attachments

Allowed file attachment types are Zip files, images in jpg, dcm and png format, text files (.txt) and pdf files. Other files will be uploaded but ignored.

NOTE - We recommend that you prepare any ZIP files containing images that are to be attached to the case before you start.


Technical Support

Who do I contact for technical support?

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you - let us have a phone number to call you back if it's urgent.

Alternatively please call the Sybermedica office on 01223 421996 and ask for Technical Support.


User Guides

Is there a user guide available?

Yes there's a full User Guide and also a one page Quick Guide. Please logon to the PACSMail Cloud website and go to User Menu -> Downloads -> General Documentation and you'll see both here. If you are logged on right now then please click here.


Overview of Uploading a Case

What is the uploader?

The PACSMail Uploader will allow you to create a patient case on-line. A referral form must be completed and then files can be attached. The case can be sent to your online archive or you can copy to any of your Connections.

What are the steps to uploading a case?

The PACSMail Case Uploader will take you through the following steps:

  1. Start Case and then select the PACSMail destination from your list of Connections. Leave blank to copy case only to your PACSMail Archive (contact us if you need to set this up).
  2. Complete Referral Form.
  3. Attach Files/ZIP
  4. Send Case after accepting t&c.
  5. In a few minutes you will see the case upload on your statement and in your archive (if you have one).

NOTE - We recommend that you prepare any ZIP files containing images that are to be attached to the case before you start.


ZIP Files

Creating a ZIP file?

The easiest way to send images for a referral via the Case Uploader is to put them all into a single ZIP file. Depending on where the images are will govern the best route to creating the ZIP file.

Images are already in Osirix App:
  • Select a patient or study
  • Click File -> Export -> Export to DICOM file(s) #E
  • Select Export to location and ensure “ZIP Package” option is checked.
  • ZIP file will be created in your chosen location.
Images are on a Disk (I use Osirix):
  • Insert the disk into the machine with the Osirix application open.
  • The disk will be detected and a message will pop up.
  • Select Copy and files will be copied into your Osirix application.
  • Then follow ‘Creating a Zip File from Images in Osirix’.
Images are on a Disk (I am using Mac or Windows):
  • Insert the disk into the machine.
  • From Windows Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) browse to the CD drive and locate the image folder.
  • Right click on the folder and select send to zip (Windows) or compress (Mac).
  • Online Help is available for this including videos showing what to do if you’re using Windows 7, Windows 8 or on a Mac.
Locating Image Folder on a Disk:
  • Insert the disk containing images into the machine you are using.
  • Go to the Case Uploader page and select the option to START CASE WITH HELP.


Video Tutorials

Please click on the relevant link below to see a Sybermedica posted YouTube clip.

Analyse CD (locate image folder)

Making a ZIP in Windows 7

Making a ZIP in Windows 8

Making a ZIP on a Mac