PACSMail Cloud Integration with Sports Office

PACSMail users who have opted to store images and reports on-line (Cloud Archive or Message Store users) can now access these directly from their Sports Office Squad and PMA log-in. If you have not yet opted to store your PACSMail files on-line please contact us so we can add this feature to your account.

Setting up your PACSMail Cloud/Sports Office connection

To set up the automatic log-in to PACSMail from your Sports Office application you first need to add your PACSMail details to the Sports Office System area. This is accessible from the top Menu bar. To add your PACSMail Cloud log-in, first select Third Party Integrations, enter your PACSMail details and then 'Save' these to update your account. (Note: you will then need to log out and then log back in to generate the new PACSMail link on your account).

Accessing your images and radiology reports from your Sports Office application

To access your PACSMail images and reports, first select the 'Medical' icon from the top Menu in your Sports Office application, then Click on the new 'PACSMail' option. This will log you directly into your PACSMail Cloud archive which will display all files in your archive in date order. You can also use the search function to select files by a given name. Note: If you have permission to share other user's or group PACSMail archives you  will also be able to view these via this listing.

To access individual images and reports, click 'Open' to display the file contents the click 'View' to display the images/report on-line. 

Forwarding images and radiology reports

To share images and associated notes with other PACSMail account holders, click on the 'Forward' link and then select your colleague's address from your list of available contacts. Clicking 'Submit' will send a copy of the file to the destination chosen. To learn how to add new contacts to your list, see the Making Connections page on this web-site.


 Please contact us if you would like more information about adding this feature to your account.