PACSMail Data Retention Policy

The user is the Data Controller for all data that are communicated to/from them via the PACSMail Server. The following Data Retention Policy applies to data processed by us on their behalf:

Data on the PACSMail Server

  • Data in a PACSMail Server Mailbox: Retained until downloaded and then deleted from the server. Any data not downloaded or viewed within 30 days are deleted.
  • Data in a PACSMail Server Archive: Data are retained either on a long-term or short term basis according to the settings which are under user control.

Data downloaded to a PACSMail Client (Apps for Mac or PC)

  • Once downloaded these data are exclusively under user control.

Redaction Policy (Transaction Logs)

  • Patient sensitive details in user transaction logs are redacted after 6 months unless the file transmitted is stored in a Cloud Archive, in which case they are retained until the patient data is deleted.