PACSMail moves to new Cloud Portal

Jan 2017: The PACSMail service is moving over to the new PACSMail Cloud Portal

Launching a series of Cloud-based imaging innovations planned for 2017, Sybermedica has announced the move of PACSMail from its current site, originally launched in 2006, to the company's new PACSMail Cloud Clinical Portal. The original PACSMail web-site will be maintained to aid smooth transfer to the new portal, which will host all existing PACSMail functions together with a range of new features allowing on-line storage and sharing of patient data.

New PACSMail Cloud Portal features:

  • On-line storage of scans and reports
  • Zero footprint viewing and reporting (PC/Mac/iPad)
  • On-line case sharing by MDT's
  • On-line case forwarding to other PACSMail users
  • Email invitation enabling viewing of cases by non-member colleagues

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