March 2017: PACSMail Cloud Clinical Collaboration Portal to be on display at IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport

Sybermedica has announced that its PACSMail Cloud Collaboration Portal will be exhibited at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport, to be held in Monaco March 2017.

Elite sport is all about teamwork and medical staff play a key role in helping athletes to reach their goals. PACSMail Cloud has been designed to allow multi-disciplinary medical teams to securely share diagnostic and associated medical information on-line, ensuring the best possible planning for treatment and rehabilitation management. 

PACSMail Cloud has already made an impact at the Olympics where one of the Rio team doctors commented “When injuries occur during training or competition, sharing diagnostic images with colleagues now plays an essential role in deciding which treatment and rehabilitation will give our athletes the best possible chance of a podium success. PACSMail Cloud helped us to do this on a number of occasions by allowing us to quickly and easily access diagnostic advice from our radiology specialist colleagues in the UK”.

Delegates at the IOC Conference will be able to see the PACSMail Cloud Portal in action and can sign up for a free trial at the exhibition.

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