March 2017: New PACSMail Cloud Portal functions to be on display at Arsenal SEMS Conference

Sybermedica will be presenting its latest version of PACSMail Cloud Clinical Portal at the Arsenal FC SEMS Conference at the Emirates Stadium, 21 March 2016.

New functions in the latest release:

  • Automated image and report archiving - eliminates the need for local PC storage
  • Browser-based 2D/3D image viewing - no need for installed software
  • On-line reporting/commenting
  • On-line forwarding - easy sharing of cases 
  • E-mail invitation system allowing colleagues to review cases remotely (no need for them to have an existing PACSMail account)
  • Direct download of reports/notes in PDF format - ready for patient record attachment
  • Direct download of images in Zip format (one-click access for Mac/OsiriX/Horos users)

About the conference:

The event, organised by Dr Gary O’Driscoll and Mr Colin Lewin, is designed to bring together Sports and Exercise Medicine and Science Professionals from a range of sporting backgrounds, to share knowledge and encourage learning and development within Sports and Exercise Medicine and Science.

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