March 2017: PACSMail Cloud Portal - Player imaging records now accessible anywhere, anytime

Sybermedica's PACSMail Cloud  is getting rave reviews from sports orgnanisations who are using it to deliver anywhere, anytime access to player diagnostic imaging records. Dr Andrew Dent, CMO at Stoke City and one of the pioneers of the use of the PACSMail Cloud in the Premier League said "we are absolutetly delighted with the service".

New functions in the latest release:

  • Automated image and report archiving - eliminates the need for local PC storage
  • Browser-based 2D/3D image viewing - no need for installed software
  • On-line reporting/commenting
  • On-line forwarding - easy sharing of cases 
  • E-mail invitation system allowing colleagues to review cases remotely (no need for them to have an existing PACSMail account)
  • Direct download of reports/notes in PDF format - ready for patient record attachment
  • Direct download of images in Zip format (one-click access for Mac/OsiriX/Horos users)

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