PACSMail Cloud Referral Portal makes CDs history at The Regenerative Clinic

Sybermedica has announced that The Regenerative Clinic has adopted the new PACSMail Cloud Clinical Portal technology to enable secure on-line referral of patient notes and scans to its London based Clinics. Full diagnostic quality images can be uploaded with the referral notes, allowing their team of clinicians to review these on-line prior to the patient being seen in the clinic. Scans can also be downloaded to the clinic’s local imaging system when needed. Scanning centres who are already connected to PACSMail can also send scans directly to clinic’s portal, allowing completely seamless sharing of diagnostic data between the clinic and remote imaging providers.

“PACSMail Cloud has made CDs a thing of the past” says Alison Healy, Clinic Manager “diagnostic images play an ever-increasing role in diagnostic and treatment planning and we are delighted with the way that the portal allows us to eliminate the delays and problems associated with sharing images. Once cases have been uploaded, our clinicians can review them on-line using the portal’s in-built diagnostic quality image display technology which can be accessed on Mac, PC iPad etc.”.

About The Regenerative Clinic

London-based Regenerative Clinic specialise in providing treatments for orthopaedic injuries, sport injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions.

Using some of the world’s most advanced treatments they can optimise healing and treat a wide range of joint and spinal pain. Their state-of-the-art procedures are overseen by our team of leading orthopaedic surgeons and specialists. Whilst they can offer traditional surgical techniques, they specialise in avoiding surgery wherever possible and offer the most advanced minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures.

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