PACSMail Cloud Referral Portal on display at BASEM Conference

Sybermedica's PACSMail Cloud Referral Portal technology enables clinicians and patients to upload scans from CD so they can be reviewed in advance of attendance at your clinic. Full diagnostic quality images can be transferred and these can also downloaded to the clinic’s local imaging system when needed.

Scanning centres who are already connected to PACSMail can send scans directly to your account, allowing completely seamless sharing of diagnostic data between the clinic and remote imaging providers.

Consultant Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon Mr Mike Hayton  said

"I find the Referral Portal invaluable for being able to view scans and x-rays of patients that have been imaged at remote facilities. I can then view them on my mobile devices, wherever I am. Furthermore, I do not have the added worry of storing confidential and sensitive imaging on my own devices and know it is safe and secure on the PACSMail Cloud"


The PACSMail Portal technology will be on display at the BASEM conference in Leeds, 3-4 Oct 2018.


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