PACSMail User Listing Process and Policy

(Version 2.0.0 Last Updated 14/5/18)

The PACSMail Practitioner Directory is designed to help you grow and develop your PACSMail practice. Your listing within this directory is provided on an opt-out basis and is provided within the cost of your annual registration fee. You have complete editorial control over the content of this listing and you may choose to unpublish this at any time, upon which action (see below for details) your account will be automatically removed from the directory. You may, of course, choose to re-list your profile at any time.

Listing Process

Your directory listing is generated from the information which you provide in your 'User Profile' form (see below).

User Profile Activation - your 'User Profile' page and directory listing will become active on registration for a full account (trial account holders are not listed).

Editing your listing
• Go to the registered User menu link  'Update My Profile' (you need to be logged-in to view this).
• Click on the 'User Profile' tab and enter your details (Name, Clinical Service, Sub-specialty etc).  You may also add up to 4000 words of biographic or organisational information.
• Once you have completed your editing, click the 'Update' button on the base of the form.

Updating your Profile - you can  update your profile at any time - simply click on the 'Update My Profile' link, edit your profile and click 'Update' to update your listing.

Delisting your name from the Directory -  you may delist your account at any time by selecting the 'No' option in the 'Publish Profile' checkbox on your 'User Profile' page. Remember to click on the 'Update' link at the bottom of the form once you have done this.

Listing Policy

Username/Password security - your Username and Password are not shown in any of the directory listings.

Username Disclosure to PACSMail users - we will not disclose your Username (this is your PACSMail address) without your permission.

Your contact details - if you choose to provide e-mail or telephone contact information in your listing, other users will be able to contact you directly. If you prefer to leave these fields empty, users may e-mail Sybermedica for information about you from the link provided. We will pass on these requests to you for your attention.

Delisting your account from the directory - the listing process is made on an opt-out basis for all full account holders. You will be listed until you choose to unpublish your profile. You have the option to delist your account at any time by selecting 'No' on the Publish Profile option and clicking Update to delist your account from the directory.

Responsibility for content - You are responsible for the content of your listing. We accept no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. If it is brought to our attention that there is in accurate or inappropriate information shown in your profile, we reserve the right to remove your listing from the directory.

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